Steps to live Healthy And Happy Life

Everyone want to live a healthy life which is full of happiness and joy. Healthy life means that you are both Physically and Mentally fit and healthy. Living a healthy and longer life is everyone desire but everyone desire can’t be true .

steps to live a healthy life

Some Simple Steps To Live A Healthy And Happy Life

  1. Make a habit of eating Nutritious and Healthy food. Never miss your breakfast because it act as fuel for our body after a whole night fasting.

2. Do exercise daily for 20-30 minute and be physically active every day. It makes you to feel active throughout the day. It helps to maintain your body weight by weight gain or weight loss naturally and help you to be in shape.

3. Try to quit the habit of smoking because of it’s adverse effect on our body. Excess smoking damage your lungs.

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4. Always try to be positive and confident. Avoid -ve thoughts from your mind because it makes your immune system healthy and boost overall health.

5. Eat a healthy diet rich in proteins, vegetables and fruits. They help in keeping your body organs like kidney, liver, stomach and pancreas healthy and fit.

6. Daily spend some time with family and friends because they make you to fell happy.

7.Don’t waste your energy on thinking what people think about you, just focus on what you want to do.

8. Avoid excess Alcohol consumption because excess intake can damage your liver and kidney.

9. Get a good night sleep of 7-8 hr. If you have an trouble in sleeping then practice some yoga and meditation to overcome it.

10. Don’t think so much because it effect your mental health. If mental health got effected physical health also get effected.

11. Stay away from fast food because they are high salt and sugar food. They increase the amount of cholesterol in our body which may lead to heart and Blood pressure related diseases.

12. make a habit of getting early to the bed and waking up early in the morning before sun rises and go for morning walk and perform some yoga.

These are some simple steps to live a healthy and happy life . Just make a habit to follow these steps daily in your life and you will notice a great change in your life. Your life become healthy and happy with full of joy.

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